How Does a Professional Clean a Rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Does your rug need a steam cleaning or deep cleaning? While a rug can bring your room together with an appealing design, they can take beating from foot traffic, pets and stains. Regular vacuuming can remove the dust from the surface, but dust and grit will remain embedded in the fibers. While some stains you can remove yourself, other types of stains such as pet stains and liquid spills can be very difficult without professional help. Some stains removers can even damage the rug by causing the dye to fade.

Types of Rugs

There are basically 3 types of rugs.

Flatweaves: This is a thin rug with not backing that is usually made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. If they are small enough you can even put them in a washing machine set to cold temperature. If you try this read the cleaning instruction tag to make sure it is safe.

Low-pile: This type of rug has a small pile and is usually made from a polyester or wool. A oriental rug will have a fringe. Machine made rugs can have a backing.

High-pile: This rug can be made of a polyester or wool. All Oriental and Persian rugs are made from high-quality wool. Persian and Oriental rugs are made using vegetable dyes which can be damaged by strong cleaning chemicals, especially if they contain bleach.

Can You Clean Rugs at Home?

Yes, machine made rugs can be cleaned at home with good planning and choosing the right cleaning solutions. You must also must not soak the rugs or you risk mold and mildew damage. Persian and Oriental rugs can be damaged if the cleaning solution is too strong and can cause the dye to run. If this seems too much to handle or you want a professional, call Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC and we can handle the cleaning.

How Does a Professional Clean a Rug?

At Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC we follow 6 Steps to ensure your rug gets a professional but safe cleaning.

  1. rug cleaning servicesRemove loose dust. We vacuum the rug on both sides to make sure we remove any loose dust before the cleaning begins.
  2. Choose the Cleaning Solutions and Perform a Color Test. Because rugs a make from different types of materials, we choose the best shampoo for that type of rug. Before we clean the rug we test the solution on the rug to make sure there is no color bleed.
  3. Wash the rug. We place the rug in our cleaning pool and let the rug soak in our cleaning solution. Then we use buffing machine to work the solution deep into the rug pile and remove dust and remove stains. If your rug has odors we will add in an odor killer.
  4. Rinse the rug. After buffing we rinse the rug in clean water to flush out the shampoo and the dust. We will give the rug a thorough rinse to get rid of the shampoo, and the dust embedded in the shampoo. Finally we brush the rug with a rake to remove the water.
  5. Spinning the rug. We place the rug in a rug centrifuge which will spin the rug just like a drying machine.This removes any water left the rug. The centrifuge reduces drying time by days and ensures that it drys quickly and before any mold growth.
  6. Drying the rugs. We put the rug on our drying racks and let the rug dry. In a day or two the rug will be ready for delivery. Once the rug is dried and we lay down the rug for a vacuum and grooming.  Finally we roll the rug and place it in a plastic bag. We will call you and set a delivery date.

Fantastic receives 5 star reviews for their rug cleaning services in NYC. With free pick up and delivery, we cover the entire metro NYC area. DIY rug cleaning can be a difficult process. That is why our rug cleaning is the service that is most popular and one that we specialize in. When your rug starts to look dirty or has stains and odors, call Fantastic for the top rug cleaning service in New York City.

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