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When Do You Need Professional Rug Cleaning?

One of the most frequent questions we get from our customers is “How do I keep my rug clean?” The most important thing you can do is to regularly vacuum your rug. A clean rug will not only look great and last longer but will act as an air filter removing dust and pollen from your home’s air. Vacuuming your rug will keep down the dust in your rug but it needs to be done every week, especially if you have thick rugs.

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How Often Should I Vacuum?

You need to vacuum your rug weekly to prevent dust build up in the fiber. When you vacuum a thick pile rug such as a Persian or Oriental rug, you are removing the dust on the surface. If you do not remove that dust it will fall deeper into the pile and vacuuming will not remove it. Dust build up is bad for your rug because as the dust rubs against the rug fiber is can cause fiber loss because the dust acts like sandpaper against the fiber. If you get even moderate foot traffic on your area rugs you will start to see fabric becoming loose and see fiber loss. During the making of the rug the wool if knotted around white cotton threads. If you start to see the white cotton, then that means that the rug fiber is damaged and shedding because of dust. But even if you regularly vacuum dust will start to slowly build up and that is why every year or two, depending on how much foot traffic your rugs get, you should have them professionally cleaned.
When you are cleaning a thick handmade rug always follow the pile. This can mean cleaning it where the fiber is smooth during the vacuuming. Do not clean it against the fiber, or where is caused the fiber to resist that cleaning stroke. Remember, the knots on the rug or handmade and cleaning against the pile can cause the rug pile to distort. If you have a flat weave rug, clean it on a low power or upholstery setting. If you use too strong a vacuum power it can cause buckling or wrinkles in the rug. For all types of rugs clean both the front and the back.
Even with regular vacuuming you should have your rug cleaning by a professional. If you have pet stains or odors, this may be the only way to remove them safely. At Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC we offer both steam cleaning for rugs and our deep pool cleaning. Our steam cleaning is a great way to refresh the fiber of the rug and give it a deep cleaning than a vacuum. The steam cleaning machine will inject hot water in the rug and then be removed by a powerful vacuum. Steam cleaning is a great way to clean non-pile rugs but if you have a pile rug our pool treatment is the ideal cleaning solution.

Why Do I Need a Professional Rug Cleaning?

The only way to pull dust and pollen from the rug pile is through water submersion cleaning. We place your rug in our cleaning pools and we add a cleaning detergent. After soaking we buff the rug with a brush to work in the cleaning solution into the pile. This traps the dust and pollen in the detergent and makes for easy removal during rinsing. After rinsing we use a special vacuum tool that removes 80% to 90% of the water and then hang the rugs in a room with a dehumidifier and powerful fans. As a result, the rugs dry quickly and making sure no mold or mildew can grow in the rugs. Most of the rug cleaning companies just hang the rugs while still wet which can stretch the rugs because of the weight of the water and cause mold because it can take days to fully dry out a thick, wet rug.
After cleaning we can apply an enzyme odor killer and perform any spot cleaning if needed. Having a clean rug is an asset to any home. For rug cleaning services in NYC, please visit us at https://www.fantasticcarpetcleaning-longisland.com or call us at (646) 661-1147 and we are happy to answer all your questions about our services.
Fantastic Carpet Cleaning NYC will keep your area rugs looking great for many, and save you the cost of replacing dirty or damaged rugs. If your rugs are looking old and worn, call Fantastic and we can arrange a visit from our rug cleaning specialists at a convenient time.

Our advanced cleaning solutions make sure that there is no damage to your rug and it’s left looking fantastic!

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